Best nature for dragonite

best nature for dragonite

Can Dragonite get Extreme Speed before pokebank gets added in January? is outrage considered a special attack? shouldnt a nature that. Hi there cmdarby99, I'm gonna move your thread over to the Strategy forum from ORAS where you can get some advice from the experts over  Lance's Dragonite: EV & moveset advice pls. You'll want either a Lonely or Naughty nature if you want to go for Attack. Lonely Nature adds bonus points for Attack, sacrificing Defense points.


How To Use: Dragonite OP! Dragonite Moveset - Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire / X&Y Guide Beauty Is Skin Deep! Multiscale helps with resistance even further, as it will take less damage while on full HP. Jolly boosts speed, but lowers sp. The last move was a hard choice. Against the Dragon Dancer Zapdos can wall out casino adventskalender two main physical attacks and deal decent damage with Thunderbolt or HP Ice. Is Hurricane a good move for my Dragonite? Leftovers OR Lum Berry Preferred Nature: best nature for dragonite

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