Wildstar number of character slots

wildstar number of character slots

So far i have 8 one for every profession but im not sure on the maximum altho i think i can get more if i want so at a guess i would think 10. In the near future, we will be implementing Megaservers for WildStar. We'll also increase the number of available character slots for each Megaserver. There's. That is way more than the number of classes. WildStar lets you purchase additional character slots up to 14, which is two more than you. wildstar number of character slots Community Forum Software by IP. Makes it kind of a pain if you have friends on other servers you would like to game with. Jun sportwetten bonus, Likes Easy bet to win Yep this is some kind of buggy, i got 12 slots however sometimes it displays only 4 chars out of 4 slots. It will either help you if you want more characters or not effect you at all if you don't want more characters. WildStar submitted 1 year ago by JonnyWii. Most abilities fall into three categories which each class has:


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